Wearing black

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He leaned to me and whispered the black words 

that cut like the black swords. It was the black night of our soul and my tongue was cut in two – one for me and one for him. We were the misfits forming a long snake with a black tongue that whispered the mistruths of life.  


I can go on like this forever, forming phrases about “black”. To be true, that night he whispered to me Uriah Heep’s “Lady in black”.


“She came to me one morning, one lonely Sunday morning

Her long hair flowing in the mid-winter wind

I know not how she found me, for in darkness I was walking

And destruction lay around me, from a fight I could not win.”



Why does it have to be like this? All our sorrow we dress in black. We dress our words in black when we speak about it.

And yet, we dress our most beautiful women in black. Black is the most elegant one, it is being said. And then they ask you: “why are you dressed in black? has somebody died?”


At one point, I was wearing so much black that I was being called “lady in black”. I wasn’t in any pain, I was happy and full of joy, and I had only one reason: each time I went shopping, the most beautiful clothes (and I like only the most beautiful ones) were only in black. I was asking about other colors, and the answer was almost always the same: “No. We have it only in black.”


Black is not only the pain. Black is also the mistery and its power to bewitch us. And since humankind has always been afraid of the unknown, which is a mistery, which is black, and being afraid of something means for most of us that that something is “evil”, everything which has dark color has been associated with evil.


For some centuries women have also been associated with “evil”, because they have a mistery and a nature that sometimes takes men to their limits – and almost nobody wants to go there, it’s scary, which means… “evil”. Why those limits? Today’s society is built mostly on rational basis, which belongs primarily to man. As Chesterton says, a woman uses her intelligence to find reasons to support her intuitions, and it’s a challenge for a man to follow her beyond rationality, from where the unknown lies ahead.

So, the woman dressed in black has become the symbol of Lilith, of the unknown, of the terrifying and yet the powerful attraction towards which the other half of the world was pulled to.


All these having been said, nobody can deny the elegance of black. If you want to wear something elegant, the first thing that comes to mind is to wear black. This is natural in our culture. But if you wear black, be careful not to wear it too much. Avoid wearing black at events such as weddings and other glamour ceremonies – most of the people going there have probably had the same “original” idea, so it’s quite common to go there and see a black procession as at a funeral. Stand out in the crowd – wear red, emerald green or bordeaux, gold or silver.


Still, if you have one of those days in which you want to celebrate the end of a stage in your life, the disappearance of one feeling, or you just simply want to celebrate the coming of the night and its dark embrace over the city, remember to put on some sparkling accessories to give life to that depth. It’s good to use gold and silver, separately or together, as long as they have the same shine or, if you don’t feel comfortable with that, you can wear them at some distance from one another (for example, a silver necklace and golden bracelets, so that they visually seem a little bit “separate”). For a night outfit, use black with pearls or crystals if you’re a classic, or statement jewelry if you’re more of a spontaneous person.


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Now almost all of us know that black is not evil. That mistery is not evil and of course, the woman is not evil. And we know that black is as natural as white is, we know that darkness has the same right to existence as light does and that everything is in the natural order of things. We have started to grasp the meaning of yin and yang, and to understand that each of us, regardless of our gender, have a little mistery inside us and also a little light within, which can enlighten the mistery and make us wise and beautiful beings.


These are almost the same words I have said to him that night, and then I was gone, letting him whisper the end.

“Thus having spoke she turned away, and ‘though I found no words to say

I stood and watched until I saw her black cloak disappear”.




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