The pursuit of happiness

Pause in your pursuit for happiness and just be happy.



I’ve been  a joyful baby. Not crying a lot. Not crying at night. Smiling almost all the time, to anybody. Friendly with strangers. In fact, eager to stay with strangers, even before I was one year old. Later on, I was a joyful kid, and a restless one. I was disappearing from the playground and came back home late at night, at 11. After several quarrels  and even beating, my family understood: they had to let me wander, and wonder.



To me this world was full of misteries – dangerous and beautiful misteries. I had to face them, to know them, to taste them and be happy. My mom was saying that I was a gipsy. I loved to follow them when they came to the garbage bins with  their carriages and horses. I loved horses so much. They were my first love and my first word was not „mom” or „dad”, but „horses”, in Romanian of course. I was leaving with the gipsies, in their carriages and wandered in the city. They have always been so nice to me. They taught me to swear, ugly words, but full of life. They brought me home each time, so that my family, at first being afraid of them stealing me, concluded that I was so bad that even the gipsies didn’t want me. They and their horses were my first loves in this world. And I will never forget them. As a reminiscence, I like to wear sometimes strong and bright colors and shiny accesories. It’s like… paying a tribute to my childhood and to my so dear gipsies. My mom still recognizes the pattern in my clothing, from time to time. I remember with happiness of my childhood – I don’t cry because it’s over, I smile because it happened, and that’s what I think about everything that has come into my life.



I will not go all gipsy about this post, so I will say something about style, too.

You can express different things with strong colors. It depends on the way you mix them and it depends on the cut of the fabric. And firsty, it depends on your personality and style. So:


  • Wear only those strong colors that fit your pigmentation and your hair.



  • Wear them on the right parts of your body, in order to highlight your atus.



  • Mark Twain said that the best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up. Remember that these colors have a big impact on others, too, so the day you are wearing them, be aware that you are doing a service to human kind: you will bring more energy to all those whom you’ll meet that day. For this reason only, and you should feel great!



  • Use strong colors if you have a strong and vibrant personality. And even if you have it, wear strong colors only if you have the bold and joyful mood. If you are sad and lack energy, you will look like a sad clown, and you will not appreciate it, and those around you will not appreciate it either. If you wear vibrant colors, let your mood say to others that „for every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”



  • You have to know for yourself which tones flatter you: the warm ones or the cold ones. For example, I know that best for me are warm tones, so if I want to choose a strong one, it has to be also warm. Remember that each color except orange has warm tones and cold tones, so you have to be a little of a witch to know which is which.



  • Don’t mix a warm tone with a cold tone.



  • Vibrant colors are in and out of the trends, they are not a so-called „classic”, so you will have to make a choice: invest in sweaters and trousers and this kind of stuff for wintertime, which you will wear in wintertime/cold time only.

Or invest in items like the one I’m wearing in this post: vibrant, with an interesting cut that allows you freedom of movement and a not-so-thick fabric – this way you can wear it when is warm outside as a simple dress, with sandals (for day in the city or at the seaside; or for night – the difference is made by accesories), or even as an indoor item. When it’s cold you can wear it for example the same as I do, with black opaque tights and a black body underneath (of course, you can also wear it with a pair of boots with a clean cut. Black boots, of course.). This way you will save money and you will have a few items in vibrant colors for all year long, not just for one or two seasons.



  • If you have at least one accesory in the same color it would be great. I have this beautiful felt „Pinky” bag from Viviana Basan (www.pompon.ro). If you lack ideas about accesorizing your vibrant colors outfits, contact her – she is so creative, she works with all colors, she’s so friendly and full of life and she will definitely give you very good ideas.



  • If you prefer to wear vibrant colors with metallic accesories it would also look great. Just remember that cold tones match better with silver and warm tones with golden.



  • You have not such an outgoing and joyful personality. How can you wear strong colors if you just simply love themWell, choose those tones that match your hair color and skin and try to make a softer look with them. For this, you must remember that not only gipsies wear these colors. Rembember India, China and Japan. You can achieve a feminine and delicate look by inspiring yourself from the outfits and accesories of these grand cultures of the world. As a small example, for a Chinese look you can use a red make-up (yes… red) or a red eye-liner, and combining it with black (and for the evening, also with gold) and a rose teint blush – you will be amazed how feminine and delicate you will look, wearing those strong colors!  




I’ve told you about „my” gipsies. We can learn something from all people, and from them we can learn something that maybe we are not so good at: freedom. That’s why I put „my” between quotation marks. Because they don’t belong to me, or to society. They belong to themselves and that’s it.



Maybe a little of that freedom would do us good. Maybe we will feel life more and this for sure will make us a little more happy. Maybe we are so closed in ourselves that sometimes we forget how wonderful this world is. The news on TV won’t bring to us the silence of the mountains and the smell of fresh cut grass, they will only tell us about the misery and suffering, somehow forgetting that nature goes its own way, regardless of our little wars. We must remember that this planet is bigger than us and if we harm it, it will protect itself at some point. We must re-open our souls to nature and to each other and remember that we have to risk to be hurt in order to change something around us. Otherwise, is like we are all staying with our guns pointing to each other, hoping that peace will come. No, peace will not come this way. Peace will come if we lower our weapons and defenses. ALL of us. But it’s an individual job and an individual risk. We must seek words and people of light. “The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open.” Chuck Palahniuk.


We are not here just to admire our heroes and our martyrs and people of light, saying to ourselves „yes, but I can’t do it”. We have to do it, otherwise we are stuck. I’m pretty sure that most of you have seen the movie Cloud Atlas by now, that movie made by those who also delivered Matrix. It’s a movie for the soul, a movie that talks about great things. One of those phrases is this: „one must do what one cannot do”.  We must do what seems impossible to us. We must open ourselves, and yes, we must suffer, we must not get angry, we must forgive and forget, because we cannot protect ourselves from sadness without protecting ourselves from happiness.



From being open to the world comes freedom. With freedom comes suffering. And after suffering comes a new understanding and joy. And with that comes more freedom. Take your freedom inspiration from wherever you feel like it. For me, there were the gipsies. If you resonate with that, here’s a movie to see, a movie about inner freedom: „Gipsies are found near heaven” („Tabor uhodit v nebo”), „Șatra” in Romanian. „Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”* Gipsies live the lives philosophers dared just to talk about. I think it would not harm us to combine them both.





*Guillaume Appolinaire

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