The naked flesh of feeling

It is said that people don’t want to see pictures of churches. They want to see naked bodies.


Well, maybe it’s true. But maybe if people were allowed throughout history to see naked bodies all the time, they would have wanted to see pictures of churches. Because maybe at some point they would have realized that the body was also a temple and that was really not such a big difference between a church and a body. 



In fact, there may be some advantages in seeing your body as your personal church, such as:


  • You can personally choose the inner and outer “decorations”
  • You can treat your body with respect
  • You will eat and drink not forgetting that every piece of your meal and drink is part of a sacred nature, your body, which is also part of a bigger sacred nature
  • You know that if your body is a church, it will be open for you 24/7. I always wondered why the churches have “schedule”. If I want to talk to God in the middle of the night and I go to church, well, tough luck, God is “sleeping”. Or maybe it is a subtler way for the church to say “remember you have your body, that is your 24/7 church”
  • You can always change the religion of your church, or make it a church of all religions, without anyone having to fight or argue about this
  • You will always have your church with you.


I don’t want to be about religion and all that stuff right now, but when Jesus said to people to build a church, they brought stones for it. Well, maybe the church had to be built inside each one of us.



The outer church is our flesh and blood and bones. Our inner church is our soul, our aspirations, our feelings, our intimate natures. And this is the part that we have to build on. It’s nice when you stay in town to “go to church”, but hey, this is an outsourcing. I don’t say it’s not good, but it’s a convention. What would you do if you are in a desperate situation, in a desert or in another place where there are no churches? Where God is? …right, within you. In your body or around it, on subtle planes, God is always with you, whether you are wearing clothes or not, whether you are going to a temple or not.


God never wanted us to “get dressed”. He loved us while in the Garden of Eden, being naked as Adam and Eve. Shame came to us only when we tasted the forbidden fruit, the fruit of duality, of splitting and judging things as being “good” and “evil”. Then we have “covered” ourselves. We have covered our bodies with leaves, and then with clothes. We have covered our true self with ego and personality. And we have forgotten about our true self and about our true body.


I think that the world has come to a very important and joyful turn in perception. Yes, the “shift”. It will not be rapid and it will not be easy, especially for the first ones who are feeling it and acting accordingly. But the times are to be happy and to celebrate. I’m not saying to go naked in the streets and to become wild. True nakedness is about uncovering your true self to others, refusing to play roles and masks and the courage to do it. True nakedness means also to accept and honor your body. About not tormenting it with the wrong foods and drinks. About not forcing it to have sex just with other “bodies”, because “to have sex is healthy”. Yes, it is, and sex is a great gift that humanity has received. And it’s the gift that humanity hasn’t appreciated at its real value until now. Because your body is not just the body, it is also you who are living in it, the soul. And it’s the same with sex. Sex is not just about two bodies making the mechanical act, because in those bodies are two souls. If those souls are not awakened, it is just… sex, the basics of it, the paradigm we are transcending now. If those souls really communicate during sex, it is more even than common “love”. We have such a great potential to Love. I’m not talking about long-term relationships and I’m not talking about marriage. I’m talking about real communication, regardless of time.


Forget about social boundaries. Feel. But train yourself to feel right. And use your reason, your mind. Usually mind and feeling are not working well together. It has been a matter of mind over feeling or of feeling over mind. You have to feel without letting feelings control you, and you have to reason without letting your mind control you. Your mind is just an instrument. Don’t become an instrument of your own mind or of your own emotions. Be the captain of your ship.



Honor your body. Respect it, take care of it. This means:


  • Eat healthy and in reasonable limits
  • Drink the same way
  • Sometimes eat and drink in excess in order to remember how to lose balance feels like, with high and lows
  • Keep your body clean. This does not mean just washing it. It means also to see your body not just as an instrument, but as a temporary part of yourself, during this life journey. Clean means also to have sex with someone you feel a deep connection with. This will help you to be open to a higher energy vibe.


Everything is vibe. Our body is vibe, as well as our soul is. The difference between them is frequency. We can use our body to reach our inner being. This is what art does. Art penetrates our body to reach our soul. Painting and writing enters our body through your eyes. Dancing, when we perform it, enters our body through our movements. Music enters our body through our ears. And how much has to be explored and discarded before reaching the naked flesh of feeling… It’s not me who is saying it, but Debussy did. I consider that life is the supreme art, your work of art. And one of the instruments with which you perform this art is your body. Go look in the mirror. Get to know your body and love it as something closest to you.



How come that knowing your naked body helps you to be more stylish?

Oscar de la Renta said that to be well dressed you must be well naked. This does not mean only to have a nice body. It means to really love your body as it is. Learn to love your body while being naked – this means to be “well naked”. If you really and truly love your body, you will have confidence in your look and your attitude will show it. As a result, you will wear your clothes differently, and because you love your body, you will know it very well and so you will know what clothes flatter it. As a consequence you will be well dressed. So, start with being naked and build.



Someone who loves his/her body will be seen as a more stylish and confident person. It is not about muscles and oil and big “somethings”. It’s about the poetry of the body, the art of the body, which extends to being well dressed, fashionably or with style, or both.


The secret is that if you start seeing your body as a poem, you will make a poem out of it and you will express yourself as you have never expressed before. Style is about clean clothes, good cut, eyes, smile and gestures. Kindness is about Love, help, trust, understanding and truth. By all these inner and outer  “decorations” of your “church” a little part of your soul emerges and brings its light into the world:

“In Sleep we lie all naked and alone, in Sleep we are united at the heart of night and darkness, and we are strange and beautiful asleep; for we are dying the darkness and we know no death.” *




*Thomas Wolfe


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