Stripes and Valentine’s

I remember how many words I had to learn after I was born. Lines, phrases, meanings. And I remember how my dad was making fun of me teaching me a different meaning for a word. For example, he taught me that grapes are called “hippopotamus”. I was so proud to know that word, and each time I saw grapes I named them, in my dad’s laughs. He was a child, and he remained that way until the day he died. I look a lot like him, and I am also a child. And I hope to be buried this way. 



This is the memory I have when I look at clothes that have stripes. I know they are fashionable right now, and it’s a happy coincidence that my taste goes with the fashion on this one. I think of stripes as metaphors for lines of words. That’s how I have remembered that Ed Norton has said that yes, it’s nice when someone knows their lines. Maybe he was saying that regarding movie scripts.



But since life is a big movie script, I guess it can be applied there, too. And yes, it’s nice to remember your lines. But nicer than this is to remember to change your lines according to your situation. You don’t have to be all stucked in phrases, preconceptions and reactions. Not with your lover or with anyone else. At the end, you will find out that life has passed you by while you kept on repeating the same lines: actions, thoughts, mistakes… For myself, I prefer to know my lines so well as to know when something inside them moves and feels the need to change them. It’s like – I wake up in the morning and saying to myself „today I will do new mistakes”. Yes, new. It’s called experiencing. It’s boring and counter-productive to keep on repeating the same mistakes – it means that you have never learned from them. 



So, those days, as I wear clothes with stripes, I look for new mistakes and new learnings. Someone has said that kisses are a better fate than wisdom*. Well, I don’t think they exclude each other. I even think that wisdom makes the kisses taste better. Meaning that if you are wise, you can make any of your actions to be wise actions, even the most foolish ones in the eyes of others. Because now you KNOW. You know that everything is right as it’s supposed to be. You feel that life is music and as you go through the notes you give your own rythm and song to the simphony. Your own ever-changing lines.



For this outfit, I have chosen my stripes to go in combination with art, as in the Diana Antohi dress you see here. A very nice and versatile dress. I’ve seen in on the internet and few days later after sending my measures, the dress was made and delivered to my door. Comfy and quality.



Valentine is near. I’m not thinking about Valentine, but I know others do. I’m not about hearts and stuff. I’m just wearing red shoes. And I don’t have any advice for this day. As for any other day. Just be yourself, relax and don’t force it. I don’t take this as an advice, I’m just saying my point, in case that any of you out there is asking… :) So: in order to be loved, you have to love yourself in the first place. Before going out the door, take a look in the mirror and ask: „Would you be my Valentine?”

The answer has to be a big „yes”, as in any other day.

The rest is just a bonus.



*E.E. Cummings


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