Styling services range on a complex and flexible scale following your needs, your time and your budget.
You will understand which colors are complement for your natural coloring and by that you will save money and look your best.

When you know your body type and what styles suit you best you will have a much faster and focused shopping and you will not lose money on clothes you will never wear.

Each consultation comprises a detailed Style Work-Book with personal notes and customized suggestions, giving you the focus and confidence of knowing your personal style and how to choose the right clothes and accessories for you – no matter what shape, size or age you are. Consult today’s special offers.

The services cover all your needs related to the areas of style consulting offered as separate services or together as a full image consultancy.



Discover what colors best suit you according to your style, your physical traits and what you want to deliver as your image in different life situations such as your job, personal life, glamour events.

When you are wearing the right colors, your skin looks smoother and your eyes are brighter. Find out what colors suit you less and discover how to avoid them or learn how to use them instead of letting them use you.

This tool enables you to give a great efficiency to your shopping time, to your make-up time, to your endeavor to create the day’s outfit and gives you the method to choose the best colors for your accessories and to combine them in an ideal manner with your body type and wardrobe.

100 euro (2 hours)

Special offers

Colors + Body Type: 170 euro (2 hours + 2 hours)
Colors + Style and Attitude: 150 euro (2 hours + 2 hours)
Colors + Body Type + Style and Attitude: 200 euro (5 hours)

Special: Colors for couples

In this session you will find out how to match your style with your partner’s and to use the colors that are suitable for each of you and make you deliver a harmonious image as a couple, whether you are appearing together at an event or on a daily life basis.
You will know the best colors for you and for your partner and for your couple as well.

160 euro (3 hours)


The service provides you the information regarding your body type and related to this the answers to questions such as ideal length for a dress or a skirt, best size for your accessories, their number and position on the body, best heels height, best cuts for your clothes and many more.

All these details can change entirely your appearance and deliver the appropriate image of you in different situations, in connection with the use of colors.

You will discover the best lines of your body and the strategy to highlight them and to make corrections. While doing this, you will learn how to use cuts and accessories to reach your goal of creating your best image.

100 euro (2 hours)

Special offers

Body Type + Wardrobe Styling: 180 euro (2 hours + 4 hours)
Body Type + Colors: 170 euro (2 hours + 2 hours)
Body Type + Style and Attitude: 150 euro (2 hours + 2 hours)
Body Type + Colors + Style and Attitude: 200 euro (5 hours)


This session is about finding your actual personal style, how it fits with your personality and it is also about identifying the need of improving it or changing it with a new style, all according to your personal preferences and tastes.

It is said that style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Indeed, style is the first impression you make in the outside world.

To achieve this goal, the service will focus on your personality and introspection and on the methods best suited to empower your image to speak about what represents you best in the most beautiful, fluid and natural manner.

The session will be about your lifestyle, your main activities, your environment, your tastes, about what you consider your best character traits and your weak points, your fashion icons, about how you want to be perceived by others and about how these axes are found in your personal style and about the differences between them and your actual style.

Meanwhile you can even find out more about yourself or you can decide to highlight some other personality traits than before, resulting a big turn in your style and an entirely new vision of yourself, which can boost your state of mind and give you a new attitude that can largely improve your personal performances.

120 euro (2 hours)

Special offers

Personal Style + Style and Attitude: 170 euro (2 hours + 2 hours)


Visualize your wardrobe and then ask yourself these questions: How much money do you spend on clothes you never wear? How old are the clothes? Do they fit? Do you love them? How many of them are black? How much of your wardrobe you really wear?

If you don’t have one, after this session you will get a capsule wardrobe for each activity you have in the current season. You will eliminate the unflattering and impulse buys and find the clothes that really fit and flatter you and you will find out which items you need most to buy in order to maximize your wardrobe with the lowest money investment.

The consultation takes place at your home and will identify the different looks you need and the clothes that suit your lifestyle and your personality.

You will find out how to make your wardrobe more versatile, how to best wear the colors and clothes you already have and how to develop a coordinated wardrobe with less clothes and more outfits.
At the end of this complex session, you will have the colors, shapes and styles that work for you.

40 euro/hour (minimum 3 hours, depending on the size of your wardrobe)

Special offers

Wardrobe Styling + Personal Shopping: 30 euro/hour (minimum 6 hours)
Wardrobe Styling + Style and Attitude: 30 euro/hour (minimum 5 hours)


Answer yourself these questions: Do you get home after a shopping session with the clothes you love? Do you wear them? Do they suit you? Or maybe you still wear the same old clothes? Do you buy clothes that you never wear? Do you know what to wear?
After answering these questions, you will know if you need this session.

Prior to the shopping session, you will have to have a meeting with the personal shopper in order to work out the details and the shopping list. This meeting is not necessary if you already have the information provided by color, body type, personal style and wardrobe styling services.

30 euro/hour (minimum 3 hours)

Special offers

Personal shopping + Wardrobe Styling: 30 euro/hour (minimum 6 hours)


Find out the final and a very important ingredient of any outfit: the attitude.

Besides appearance, attitude is one ingredient that generates a genuine and true style. Cocteau said that style is a simple way of saying complicated things. Discover what simplicity can do for you, find out what postures, movements, tones of voice and gestures are suited for each style that represent a part of you depending on your daily activity and lifestyle.

80 euro (2 hours)

Special offers

Style and Attitude + Colors + Body Type: 200 euro (4 hours)
Style and Attitude + Wardrobe Styling: 30 euro/hour (minimum 5 hours)


This service has been entirely created for business and political image, where the way you choose to appear in public can determine significant changes in perception, materialized in obtaining a contract or winning the elections, or on a daily basis when meeting your dress code job requirements is needed, for an interview, a promotion or a special event.

The cost for this service varies depending on your requirements and on the related amount of time.

The full image consultation will provide you the entire information you need for your image no matter the stage of your life are you in.

If you want a total makeover that resonates best with your inner self or if you have just changed your job, you have become a parent or you have lost a lot of weight, you will solve the look related issues by booking this service.

A full image consultation is the key for you to discover:
• Why certain shades complement your natural coloring more than others
• How to wear and combine colors to achieve the looks you want
• How to make your wardrobe more versatile
• How to best wear the colors you already have
• How to avoid shopping disasters
• How to select the most flattering styles for your body shape
• How to express your personality through your wardrobe
• How to develop a coordinated wardrobe with less clothes and more outfits
• How to focus during shopping, avoiding wasting of time and frustration
• How to dress with confidence, whatever the occasion may be

The full image consultation has a duration of 15 hours and comprises
• Colors
• Body Type
• Personality and Style
• Wardrobe Styling (3 hours)
• Personal Shopping (3 hours)
• Style and Attitude

448 euro (you have a 25% discount of the total cost of each service).

The amount will be paid in advance at the first session. For the time that exceeds the limit of 3 hours at the wardrobe styling and personal shopping sessions, you will beneficiate of a promotional fee of 20 euro/hour.















If you want to stylishly stand out in the crowd at a dinner, a wedding, a party, at a first date or at any sort of celebration event, you can book a specific appointment for that purpose.

You will find out what special clothes you have in your wardrobe and if they fit for that special occasion and you can go on a personal shopping session looking for items and accessories related to the theme of the event. Or you can use the personal shopping session to find an entirely new outfit specific for that event.

Wardrobe Styling + Personal Shopping for a special event: 30 euro/hour (minimum 4 hours)

If you want to make the most of your image with this occasion and be the most beautiful and stylish bride, this service provides you a capsule concept which incorporates information about your body shape, colors, personality and style, personal shopping, style and attitude. It is a full image consultancy customized for your bridal event.

The cost for this service varies upon your requirements.

Do you travel often in different places and find no time to pack the appropriate items for your destinations?

This service offers you upon your requirements and style
• The style and number of your suitcases
• The detailed content of your luggage
• The list of needed items and their shopping
• The necessary outfits in number and style, depending on your destination, weather and events you’re attending
• Packaging the luggage with an optimum access to key items during travel

The cost for this service varies upon your requirements.

A 2 days term prior to your travelling date is necessary in order to perform this service at its best level of accuracy.

Book this service if you want a professional to take care of your personal or business presents.
Whether it’s about a birthday, a wedding gift or any other special occasion, if you have no time or inspiration to find the perfect gift you will not have to worry about it.

The gift will be chosen according to the occasion and the person receiving it, packed and sent to destination.

This service is available for individual and corporate requirements.

Cost and time vary upon the nature of your demand.




1. Colors + Body Type: 170 euro (2 hours + 2 hours)
2. Colors + Style and Attitude: 150 euro (2 hours + 2 hours)
3. Colors + Body Type + Style and Attitude: 200 euro (5 hours)
4. Colors for Couples: 160 euro (3 hours)
5. Body Type + Wardrobe Styling: 180 euro (2 hours + 4 hours)
6. Body Type + Style and Attitude: 150 euro (2 hours + 2 hours)
7. Personal Style + Style and Attitude: 170 euro (2 hours + 2 hours)
8. Wardrobe Styling + Personal Shopping: 30 euro/hour (minimum 6 hours)
9. Wardrobe Styling + Style and Attitude: 30 euro/hour (minimum 5 hours)