On the Stage

 If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character, would you slow down? Or speed up?


(Chuck Palahniuk)

I won’t say that „this is the question”. All questions and all answers are mind exercises, some of them creating a pleasant and useful activity for those who play this intellectual yet dry game. In fact, if I strive to find a true answer to Chuck’s question it will not serve me to live in the present. Present is about feeling, not about thinking. To think means to project, past or future. Yes, good exercise. But if we lose from sight the fact that it is just a simple exercise, we lose the present.


Yes, the world is a stage and instead of asking questions about whether it is better to slow down or speed up, it is better to… act on it and wear what we feel at THAT specific moment, for THAT specifc role, in our own rythm.

We are changing roles and costumes many times a day, without even knowing it. Akowledging that we are doing it will serve us to do it better and to express ourselves more accurately in the mirror of the world.



Today I will talk just a little about make-up and more about masks. Make-up is a mask. We have our behavioral masks also. All good teachings tell us to live our lives without any masks. But the question is – are we advanced enough to have the courage to look ourselves in the eyes and not be terrified of all the things we see, pleasant or not? And are we so pure that when we drop all the masks the instincts of the animals hidden deep in ourselves will not reveal themselves and tear us apart? To live without any masks in a society which has (let’s put it softly) some reserves in allowing its citizens to be sincere to each other without jumping at each other’s throat can be a dangerous and unproductive idea. Of course, society is created by the individuals, which leads us to the fact that we as individuals we are not yet prepared to live in peace and harmony without lying to each other. Politeness is a lie. It is a lie because it comes from education, which is an external thing. When is coming from the inner essence, it is not politeness and it’s not a lie, it is love. Politeness has been conceived for people who don’t feel love, and if we try to be honest, at least try, we should know that most, most of us don’t feel enough love to give up politeness, which is the reign of our blunt and unprepared heart. And it is natural to be so. We are living now in a polarized world – night and day, life and death, good and bad. This is the way of this world’s functioning. And if not so, it would not be this world, but another one. If only the unpolarized „good” would remain, this world will dissolve. And probably a better one will be born. But we are not there yet, so we have to live the present. The present is a polarized world, in which it is necessary to wear masks to express yourself and not be „eaten” by the polarized negative part. Of course that change is a process and it will not come overnight. In the meantime, we can start changing ourselves on the inside and a first step is to be councious that we all do that: we all wear masks, acknowledge this fact and in this first step, to try to wear thinner and thinner masks.



What does it mean thinner masks? It means wearing masks which are more and more transparent, and step by step getting used to be more relaxed with ourselves in the inside and outside world. To let people see you as you are is an act of courage. To try not to hide your negative parts and still be accepted and loved by others is a delicate balance to hold. But once we achieve this, we will feel more free as we have before. And this is not an unilateral work. It has to be done by everybody, otherwise we will end up at our beginning, as some of us will be the „lambs” throwing themselves in the sharp teeth of the other some of us, the „wolves”. This would mean repeating the past, running in the same circle. We have to get out of it. At least to try another circle. Evolution is long term and not easy, but it cannot happen if we stay in the same place with the same attitude. Why do it? Because every step in evolution comes with a deeper understanding and a better chance to happiness. Don’t think about what I’ve just said. Just… close your eyes and feel it.



And speaking about the eyes and the (still) necessary masks – it is said that eyes are the windows of the soul. A stupid look in the eyes can’t be masked whatever kind of mascara you put on top. First of all you have to be intelligent in order to be beautiful. Really beautiful. No kind of make-up will give you the soul and witt you don’t have on the inside. You could be a beautiful doll, but you will still be just a doll. This will not help your evolution I was speaking about above, and by consequence it will not increase your deeper understanding and thus your happiness.

On the other hand, if your eyes are truly windows for your beautiful and intelligent inner being, a good make-up will increase your personal magnetism and charisma. It will help you express different moods and themes. Through your make-up you can trasmit to others parts of what you are, as a human being and as a woman: force, love, fragility, sharpness, sensuality, wilderness, childlike attitudes, boldness, mistery and so on.




The soul can be seen on your face. Not your physical traits are the most important, but their expression. Your smile, the way you look straight to someone or lower your eyelids at certain moments in the conversation, the movement of your eyebrows, the movement of your nostrils, the way you bite your lips – or you don’t. All these are your personal marks on your physical neutral traits and gives you charisma. Make-up helps you with it, but you have to know your important base: yourself.



These are just words. Try and experience for yourself. Look in the mirror and observe your look, your smile. Film yourself in different conversations and watch the recordings. You will be surprised.

As for the make-up to help you express what you want, I can give you a name: Andreea. She is a creative make-up artist and will know to value on the outside what you have on the inside. This make-up she made for me is quite strong, but depending on my facial expressions can transmit quite a range of „acts” having just one base: strength.



If you want to see more of her work you can click https://www.facebook.com/pages/Electra-Make-up-Artist/110181262504242?fref=ts

I’m not saying news here. Nothing’s new, sometimes it is just presented as such. Look here, centuries ago: „All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.” William Shakespeare.

So, let inner beauty rule. And play nice, even if this sometimes means to play bad.



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