Nobody wants to watch perfection


A beautifully imperfect man sa(i)d that. But everyone wants to go to PerfectionLand. Strives to be perfect, or at least gives up and regrets it. How about wanting not to be perfect? About taking yourself as you are and that’s it. No drama. No drama and tears about your character, reactions or clothes.



coat by Mariana Marin (www.almarshop.ro)


Do you know what happens when you let yourself as you are and accept yourself? You relax. You are happy. And… you become better with time, just like the wine does. You will love more and you will be loved, without searching for it. And what’s most important, it would be the real thing, not an „acting for perfection”.



I don’t say to go out and kill people and feel good about it. It’s not about the extremes. Just do your usual stuff, if you’re not into robbery, rape, suicide or killing. Don’t try so hard to be better, and you will be.



This also goes for your clothes. Be creative, learn to wear what looks good on you and don’t become obssesed with it. Be stilish, smart, clean and wise and if you have that, maybe if your shirt is not perfectly ironed would be an added charm to your own. Style is more about being yourself and relaxed than looking as if you have just come out of a box. Of course, we don’t want to look as if we came out of THAT wooden box, but I think it’s best and safest to avoid any box, in all the significations of the word.



We (Carmen and I) took these pictures in 10 minutes, in a relaxed and „f…-off” manner,  while going to a nice teahouse in a quiet and royal  neighbourhood. And I thought of saying something about these posts I’m making here:

I don’t want to give you „news” about style or about anything, the world is full of old news. Even what appears to be a new discovery is just an ancient fact we have just stumbled upon and put a Nobel on it. I don’t say it’s a bad thing, it’s just a fact. I am a little bit of a philosopher, and to a philosopher, as Thoreau has put it, “all news, as it is called, is gossip, and they who edit it and read it are old women over their tea.” Still, if you by any chance have the impression I have given some news to you, I appologize and I wish you a nice 5 o’clock with a good sip.  



(excuse my French, but it’s my birthday… yesterday)




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