Keep calm and shine

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. 



Those nights are full of magic. Everything is quiet and if you go out in a field you can see that unreal blue light coming from above, and you can see the shadow of everything. It is said that some people don’t have shadow. During daytime so many things distract us, so that even we encounter a creature like this we wouldn’t even notice… Well, if you stay in a field at night while the moon is full and you meet someone, you would surely notice the shadow… or the absence of it… Those night shadows are the real living beings and we are just the shadows for them. That silver light makes you feel you suddenly landed on a different planet with a blue sun and quiet velvet wolves.




This is how this skirt has made me feel when I’ve first seen it. I was at a fashion fair and it had my name all over it. Because all those silver curves on the black fabric were the waves of moonlight coming down on me in circles in such a night, in a quiet winter field, whispering my name. Our relationship with clothes can be in such a personal  and intimate way. Some clothes, some pieces of fabric remind us of who we are, deep inside. It’s just like meeting someone for the first time and having that special and familiar feeling. Some pieces of fabric are pure art. For me, this skirt has been a must have because it was just like a painting that inspired me that lonely full moon wolveless winter night.



As for wearing this type of shine, it is better to do it for the evening or night. But as fashion these days is so shiny, especially with gold, I let myself wear it in daytime also – it seems to me it goes quite well with the sparkle of the snow. As for the cut, being something that gives volume, pay attention not to wear it with other volume items, because it will make you look bigger, and no, we don’t want that. For this type of cut you have to be quite slim and wear it with something that follows the line of your body. Accesories have to be black or silver, but you can wear it with no accesory as well. I have always liked to wear this type of skirt with high heels, but this is a matter of personal choice. Having in mind the volume given by the skirt, I prefer to longer my legs and add some height to that volume.


One last thing before I go: if you don’t have something shiny in your wardrobe, spoil yourself and buy one item. Let you inner glow sparkle a bit on the outside. As John Lennon has put it – yeah, we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.





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