How to wear animal prints

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Life is hard. Then you die.

Then they throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you. Just be grateful it happens in that order. Ah, the power to see the good side of everything…

Yes, we are all mortals here, at least from our knowledge most of us are. Even Shakespeare has been thrown dirt in his face. 


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What happens afterwards, it’s another story – a beautiful one, if you know how to write beautiful stories.


Many of us are thinking in our bitter times that we are just like animals, we are born, we grow, have offsprings and then die – and what’s the purpose of that?


Sometimes I like to stay with those bitter moments and make them not so bitter anymore. Because even if we are also animals (but not being JUST that), we know that animals have their beauty and majesty and we can learn a lot from them.


Fashion always gained inspiration from animal world and associated the big nature cats with women. The woman is a big cat who learned to play nice. Maybe too nice sometimes, so that she forgets that she is a majestic and free creature of the world. When she sees a beautiful animal print dress in a shop’s window, something inside her moves and even if she can’t quite remember that part of her nature, she resonates with the dress and she’s buying it.


And we get to the part when she’s wearing it or she stares to it once she has got home, not daring to put it on and face the streets. Or maybe she just buys herself an animal print scarf – it’s not so hard to wear animal prints in this manner.


As a matter of fact, it’s all about attitude. If you like animal prints and something inside you resonates with them, in order to wear them right and not be like a little shivering mouse disguised in a big cat, or in other cases just wearing it “as another common dress”, remember that you are beauty and strength, so:


  •       Walk slowly and calmly – when you wear an animal print all your moves should be fluid and if you can’t do this on high heels, wear lower heels or give them up: a few centimeters smaller but fluid leopard is much better than a higher and stumbling one


  •       Talk in a slow and confident voice; don’t chirp – remember, you’re not a bird-woman, you’re a cat-woman


  •       Look people straight in the eyes and smile with confidence (of course it’s good to do this every day, but if you have a  bad day from this point of view, avoid wearing an animal print in that specific day)


  •       Keep your head high (again, this is a daily basis rule, but once more especially for this outfit)


  •       Your moves should be calm and slow as well. Don’t make sudden moves; you are not a prey so you don’t need to look hastily in all directions to see if a danger is coming to you –


  •       Remember, you are the queen and master of all creatures and no possible agression is out there.








I’ve had fun watching these animal behaviors below and the images are even more suggestive regarding the attitude than the words – so, if you’re wearing animal print, don’t be a bird.






These are a few clues about wearing an animal print labeled in the category “wearing the inside out”. Because first of all the attitude makes the outfit, especially this kind of outfit.


Besides these clues, there are of course the rules of accessorizing it with golden statement jewelry and some red, black or camel accents. And… avoid the possibility of not appearing as a beautiful free and stylish cheetah, but as a circus one: so, be careful with the accessories.


Well, it’s not so bad being an animal after all, especially if you know that you are more than that and act accordingly.  Animals can teach us the beauty and dignity that sometimes we forget we have. And maybe the purpose of life is for all of us to reflect its beauty.




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