you have just entered a mirror


With refinDery you are experiencing a mirror of a different kind. Or maybe a multitude of them – they may be as many as your dreams and moods are.


refinDery is a refinery with a twist. Here you are not just only finding yourself – you can re-find the depths of your personality, reflected in what you’re wearing. Finally – a new refined and accurate image and style for you.


refinDery is a mirror that talks to you. It reflects what lies beyond the glass. Beyond your face. What you want to express in the world: a multifaceted and sophisticated personality, dreams of all kinds, favorite movie scenes or books characters – your inner vibe and your own personal  way of being. It does that by resonating with you – all being brought into light by a bunch of not-so-philosophical activities:

It’s all about wardrobe styling, personal styling and personal shoppingwhile keeping it simple, fun and serene.