A modern gypsy witch listening to Depeche Mode


Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft were written by men.*


Now, back to the truth – witches do exist and they do dress, because each woman is one. That which is seen as “witch stuff” is used to describe some sort of fear that some people (men and women) develop over the female concept. “The witch” is a feminine quality, not an abstract and unreal notion. It is about a feminine side that somehow got lost on the way of history or it has been put aside as something black, wrong and something to be feared of. In fact, it is all about strong, independent, free and confident femininity.


wearing H&M hat, Aldo necklace, Zara top, Cinderella shoes (fb: Cinderellastore)





In the last few days I encountered three images of women who have this quality in common. It’s the Depeche Mode image woman, the American Horror Story series modern witch woman (played epically by Jessica Lange) and the gipsy woman.

Usually they wear black and/or have black hair. And this is not something to marvel at: this female image (the Lilith image, opposed to Eve of Bible) is the correspondent of the mystery, the moon, the sexuality, the water and the night. All in the natural order of things – as well as the angelic type, correspondent to white color, light, motherhood, sincerity and sun.


It’s all about the two opposing sides of this world as it is: the yin and the yang, the night and the day, the bad and the good. They coexist and they are equal, otherwise this world would stop turning. I have always found myself on the black side, meaning I feel the mystery and the night within me. And I have always found myself on the white side also, feeling the power of the sun within me and the will to always move on. In fact, these two sides always go together in order to give equilibrium and every woman has that within her, even if she’s aware of it or not.

Women usually tend to identify themselves with the white side and deny their black side. Well, flashnews: we ALL WOMEN have these sides inside us, so the black one included, and the sooner we discover and acknowledge them, the faster we would get in touch with our entire self and begin to act as the full woman (as in full moon) that we are.


Here I’m wearing a combination of these three images altogether:





That’s all for now, and I don’t get into details about it (I’ll do that in the future), so I only say this: Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch.**













*Neil Gaiman

**Catherynne M. Valente 

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